Máquinas eólicas de eje vertical

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Proyectan panémona de bambú para iluminación pública

IgenDesign presentó a "Flow", una turbina eólica de eje vertical, hecha de bambú, para brindar iluminación pública.
Su simpleza mecánica permite que sea fabricada por la mano de obra local sin necesidad de capacitaciones costosas.

The light sources situated at the ends of the windblades can form continous lighting surface or slow, waving movements and play of light, depending on the speed of the rotation. Due to its spiral form, the lamp can hold the wind from every direction.

The wind dominating the shores in the whole year is an ideal resource for the lighting. Bamboo is one of the easiest to find and cheapest to produce raw material and its utilization is not "eco-harmful" even at small and medium serial number products.

It was a socially important aspect that the lamp can be produced by the locals, thus it can integrate to the area’s cultural and economic rhythm. This product can be assembeled by the locals themselves, practically only an instruction guide has to be attached.

In the countries of the Third World the lack of public lighting is a common problem. The reason behind is that in these places the building of an electric network is too expensive or not even possible and there is not enough resource at hand: not enough raw materials, money and skilled workforce for the production. There is a need of lighting which is cheap, can be installed at places which cannot reach the network and can be easily produced with local resources. At these places the cheapest and highest in quantity raw material is bamboo, while the cheapest utility energy is wind energy.